A warm welcome greeting to all participants in the 9th tournament Minirugby "Città di Perugia" or more simply known as the "Tournament of Perugia".

It renews the spring event that marks the culmination of the sporting season and to which all are called to take part. A special welcome to those who come to visit us for the first time and a heartfelt thanks to those who renew their presence at the event, the teams, the educators, the volunteers and the family groups who cheer and color the feast.

We are allowed to greet the Friends of the Foundation for childhood Ronald Mc Donald who from the second edition of the tournament are at our side as an ethical partner, as well as all other partners, whose support, so much at the event as during the whole Sport season, allows us to carry on, together with the enthusiasm of the families, our philosophy of sport in spite of the difficulties that our daily action meets.

The tournament illustrates the life of our Club, which expands more and more, called to new challenges and that knows no stops even the summer, with the aim of giving the families a helping hand in the education of the children who are entrusted to us and providing them with an increasingly Interesting and more and more inclusive, open even to those who are not yet part of our universe.

Once again then good tournament of Perugia at all and, above all, have fun.

Rugby Perugia Junior