The green area of Pian di Massiano, called Rugby City in occasion of the tournament of Minirugby city of Perugia, was donated by the Spanish family to the city of Perugia with the obligation to devote it to citizenship and sports activities.

A side of the area the same family has placed in the neighboring hills, the children's playground called "City of Sunday" and its own company engaged in the manufacture of haute couture clothes.

The availability of the public administration and sports clubs that carry out their activities in the fields of play, allows rugby to develop 16 fields in the entire area as well as the municipal field of S. Giuliana located at the foot of the historic center of Perugia and that of Ellera in the first outskirts of Perugia.

Rugby City is banned by private means and all the fields are reachable with comfortable and wide connecting routes.

A large parking lot reserved for buses is close to the area. Adjacent to the Minimetrò station and the sports hall are parking spaces for cars.

Rugby city becomes for one day a city to the extent of Tongan with the third time areas and all the services that favour the passing of a happy day of sport.
Information areas for associations engaged in social, entertainment spaces with clowns for the little ones and street Band walking around the paths are some of the peculiarities of the city of rugby.

Keeping it clean and usable at all is a duty of every citizen of Rugby city.