May 19, 2019


Under 6: Fields P2 and P3 (groups A and B), P5 and P6 (groups C and D)
Under 8: Fields C1 and C2 (groups A, B), P1 (group C), P4 (group D)
Under 10: Fields B1, B2, B3 and B4 (groups A, B, C and D)
Under 12: Fields R1, R2, R3, R4 (groups A, B, C and D)
Under 14: Fields E1 (Groups A and B), S1 (groups C and D)

FINAL 1st and 2nd PLACE and award: Rugby field

Organizing secretariat: C/O Club House Campo Rugby

Category UNDER 6 = players (2014-2013) n ° 5 + 5 Reserves
category. UNDER 8 = players (2012-2011) n ° 6 + 7 reserves
category. UNDER 10 = players (2010-2009) n ° 8 + 7 reserves
category. UNDER 12 = players (2008-2007) n ° 12 + 7 reserves
category. UNDER 14 = players (2006-2005) n ° 13 + 9 reserves

For each team are allowed

During the whole event the organization will take away from the playing areas people not included in the race list, therefore it requires the collaboration of the companies to recommend to parents and supporters to respect such Provisions.

Attention: The tournament, like all the tournaments of Minirugby must be a feast for the boys and must be an opportunity for example for all of the values and traditions of sportsmanship rugby. We cannot allow a few irresponsible adults to ruin everything: it is enough to damage the work of months, perhaps years, of organizers and companies.

For this reason it is strictly forbidden to take inappropriate behaviour such as, for example: protesting with the referees, insulting anyone, arguing, exaggerating with broken screams, even just encouragement, keeping behaviours that create tension in the field and outside.
The rule applies to the technicians and escorts but a fortiori for parents and supporters in tow.

The Director of the field has the right to interrupt, and if necessary to suspend definitively, the matches in which it should occur the above with defeat at the side of the team whose affiliates, including the parents on the sidelines, have made themselves responsible Of that. The penalty can reach the exclusion of the team for the remainder of the tournament.


The trophy is reserved for athletes in compliance with the membership of the F.I.R. (or foreign federations) for the current sports year.

The cards must be accompanied by a suitable approval document according to the federal regulations. The managers responsible for each team will have to present all the documentation and lists of the players at the secretariats of the tournament, located at their own playing field, from 8.30 to 9.00 hours.

The list of players (Mod. B FIR-race list) shall contain:

-Surname, name and date of birth;

-N ° of Tessera F.I.R. of the players;

-N ° of Tessera F.I.R. Of the coach and the assistant manager responsible for each team

After the presentation to the secretariats of the players list, supplements, loans and changes of players will not be allowed, penalty the disqualification of the team.

If a team shows up or remains in the field with fewer players than the minimum regulatory, the other team can adequately reduce the number of its up to par, or lend its own players or allow the loan from other teams; In any case the game will have to start in the same number.

Players ' recognition can be made by the referee even before each race, using the federal cards, the recognition document and the list of players controlled by the tournament secretariats.

The race directors must supervise the composition of the teams and in particular the age of the players.

All the athletes on the list will have to play during the tournament.

For logistical reasons, the possible presence of surplus players in relation to the number envisaged for the composition of the groups as per programme shall be communicated to the organisation; In any case, in every single game no more players can be employed in the maximum number as above.


2.1 The tournament applies the rules of F.I.R. relating to the categories UNDER 6-8-10-12-14 except for the exceptions provided for in this Regulation.

2.2 For organizational reasons during the tournament will not be made the door kicks of any type in any category, except the final for 1st place for the U14;

2.3 The matches will be refereed by educators of teams other than those in the field, unless otherwise provided by the Director of field;


3.1 The compilation of the rankings and any cases of parity will be governed, as provided by the R.O. of F.I.R. Art. 104-A, subject to the following rules:

a. 2 points will be awarded for each race won; 1 point for each race equitized; and 0 points for each race lost.

b. If at the end of a group (or sub-group), two or more teams are equal to score, the following criteria will be applied in the order:

1) Most goals scored by each team at the meetings between them

2) better active, or passive, difference between the sum of the goals scored and the sum of the goals incurred by each team in all the meetings of the group

3) Most goals scored in all group meetings

4) Draw

3.2 In case of parity in the matches between teams from different groups or sub-groups, the following shall be:

If the meeting is to move to a next turn towards the final for the first place, an additional time will be disputed with the Golden Meta rule, the duration of which will be fixed by the field Director; In case of parity, the best difference between destinations marked and suffered in the games until that moment disputed by each team will be taken into account; In case of further parity, the best quotient between the scored destinations and the number of matches played will be taken into account; In case of further parity we will proceed to draw;

If the meeting is used for the designation of the following places we proceed directly as above but without extra time; If it is to establish the final position (e.g. 9th-10th place) The two teams are immediately classified as ex aequo at the end of regular time;

In the event of a tie in the final for 1st place, an additional time will be disputed with the Golden Meta rule, the duration of which will be fixed by the field Director; In case of further parity a series of 3 kicks will be carried out for each team with eventual continuation to the bitter side: modalities and distances will be decided by the field Director.

In the Under-6 final, in the event of a tie, the teams are ranked ex aequo without extra time or kicks.

3.3 Failure to show a race involves the loss of the game.

3.4 is mandatory by the manager or coach responsible to sign for acceptance of the race card at the end of the meeting, except for matches directed by federal arbitrators; Disputes are not accepted after the race card is endorsed.


Each company must have two suits of different colours available for each team. Players must wear sneakers or rubber cleats.


5.1 The player expelled from the race director shall not be used again during the game or participate in the next meeting, subject to further disciplinary sanctions imposed by the sports court.

5.2 The expulsion of a responsible escort manager or coach automatically excludes that person from the entire tournament. As a membership, you will be judged by federal justice.

5.3 Only the members of the list are allowed to enter the game areas.

The responsible escort manager and the players not participating in the race will have to stop at least two meters from the lateral lines and/or the bottom of the field.

Responsible accompanying managers are required to have the utmost cooperation with the Organization on punctuality as well.


The sporting court of the tournament, appointed by the organizing company, shall decide on the basis of the rules set out in this regulation and the R.O. of F.I.R.

No complaint is allowed against the decisions of the sports Court of the tournament.