The Trophies

The trophies of the city of Perugia tournament

"Città di Perugia" Trophy in category
To the first classified in each category:
Under 6/Under 8/Under 10/Under 12/Under 14

Absolute trophy "Città di Perugia"
To the company that has obtained the best overall placement in all categories according to the following criterion. Wins the company that will get the lowest score based on the results obtained in all categories; The score will be attributed to: 1 ^ ranked 1 point, 2 ^ 2, 3 ^ 3, and so on; The company that does not present the team in a category or more, will take as many points as are the participants plus one.

"Ronald Foundation" trophy
It will go to the team that best will have interpreted, in the opinion of the organizing committee, the spirit of rugby, fair-play and sporting correctness in every component (players, educators, adults in tow) during the event;

Trophy "Fabio Anti"
Award titled to the Memory of our player and manager prematurely disappeared in December 2008; It will go to the player who, in the course of the finals, will be distinguished in what were the most remarkable qualities of our friend Fabio, that is courage, determination and the loyal spirit of combat.

Rugby Social Club Trophy
To the participating company that has obtained, by the date of the tournament, the highest number of votes through the online contest linked to the Instagram profile of the tournament.